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Dr Ioannis Ivrissimtzis

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and studied mathematics at the Universities of Thessaloniki and Southampton. After my PhD, I worked at the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University and the Graphics Department of the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik. Currently, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Durham University. 

In my Google Scholar user profile you can found an almost complete list of my publications. A complete list can be downloaded with my online CV.

Current research interests and highlights

Security applications in 3D models: watermarking; steganography; steganalysis.

“Mesh Discriminative Features for 3D Steganalysis”,
Y. Yang & I. Ivrissimtzis, ACM TOMCCAP, 10, (2), 2014, (to appear).

Statistical methods for surface reconstruction: bootstrap; hierchrchical extra validation.

“Bootstrap Based Bilateral Smoothing of Point Sets”, A. Ramli, N. Rosli & I. Ivrissimtzis, In Proc. of WCE, Vol II, 879-884, 2013.

Discrete Geometry: discrete curvatures; adaptive triangle mesh quantisation.

“Linear Correlations between Spatial and Normal Noise in Triangle Meshes”, Y. Yang, N. Peyerimhoff & I. Ivrissimtzis, IEEE TVCG, 19, (1), 45-55, 2013.

Subdivision curves: geometry adaptive subdivision; statistical methods for automatic model selection.

“Generalization of the incenter subdivision scheme”,
V. Hernández-Mederos, J. Estrada-Sarlabous &
I. Ivrissimtzis, Graphical Models, 75, (2), 79-89, 2013.

Spectral graph theory: interplay between graph spectra and geometry.

“Spectral representations of vertex transitive graphs,
Archimedean solids and finite Coxeter groups”,
I. Ivrissimtzis & N. Peyerimhoff, Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics, 7, (3), 591-615, 2013.

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Ioannis Ivrissimtzis